Even if the tumor has been removed or killed off by the treatment, regular follow-up examinations are necessary. If the cancer could not be cured by surgery or by local interventions (RITA, LITT, TACE or SIRT of the liver metastases) follow-up is necessary to monitor the course of the disease and to provide treatment.
The follow-up checks usually take place once every 3 or 6 months. How often the doctor wants to see his patient depends on the individual situation, the tumor stage and the progress of the disease. Which follow-up examinations are required, is determined by the doctor and depends on the individual situation of the patient. The physician takes into consideration, how advanced the neuroendocrine tumor was at the time of diagnosis and which treatment modalities have been applied. Follow-up visits focus on patient's general health and regular physical check-ups. They also include ultrasound or radiological scans and determination of tumor markers such as chromogranin A.
If the patient has any physical, mental or (psycho) social problems, specific support is given.

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